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Walter HADEN
Born 1855 170 High St., ENG.
Marr 1887 St Michaels, NZ.
Died 1916 15 Whiteleigh, NZ.
Isabella Jane SELLARS
Born 1816 ENG.
Died 1883 Wrexham, DEN, WLS
Nathaniel HADEN
Born 1812 Stepney, MDX, ENG.
Marr 1838 Poplar Church, ENG
Died 1885 London, MDX, ENG.
Ann (w,W.HADEN)
Born 1771 ENG.
Died 1827 ENG.
William HADEN
Born 1777 ENG.
Marr 1803 ENG.
Died 1849 ENG.
Elisabeth ________

William HADEN


Died 1838

Ancestor chart of: Walter HADEN