Husband: Edward Ernest PYCROFT died at age: 85 Ancestors Born: 25-Jan-1877 in Portsea, HAM, ENG. 1 Resided: 1877 in 5 Lansdown Terrace, Portsea, HAM, ENG. 1 Immigrated: 13-Oct-1878 in Ship: "WAITANGI" to Lyttelton. 2,3 (see note 1) Education: 05-Nov-1885 - 18-Dec-1891 School; Christchurch East. Reg Nr 1094 4 (see note 2) Occupation: Bricklayer 5 Died: 31-Aug-1962 in Christchurch, CBY, NZ. Buried: 3-Sep-1962 in Canterbury Crematorium, Linwood, Chch, CBY, NZ. Father: James Henry PYCROFT (1839 - 1907) Mother: Rebecca CATE (1844 - 1919) Notes
Wife: Maude Elizabeth LODGE died at age: 83 Ancestors Married: 30-Sep-1896 in Registrar's Office, Wellington, WTN, NZ. 6 Resided (family): 1908 in 76 Mathesons Rd. Christchurch, CBY, NZ. [L-1] Born: 22-Oct-1877 in Renwicktown, Blenheim, MBH, NZ. (see note 3) Died: 23-Mar-1961 in 9 Marcroft St., Christchurch, CBY, NZ. Buried: 24-Mar-1961 in Canterbury Crematorium, Linwood, Chch, CBY, NZ. Education: 1882 - 1877 Renwick School, MBH, NZ. Father: Mark LODGE (1848 - 1930) Mother: Margaret REDDING (1849 - 1916) Notes
M Child 1: Edward James PYCROFT died at age: 85 Born: 13-Nov-1896 in Christchurch, CBY, NZ. Education: 20-Apr-1903 School: Christchurch East, Reg Nr 2438 Resided: 1903 in 28 Travers Road. (see note 4) Education: 23-Jul-1906 - 22-Dec-1909 School: Christchurch East, Reg Nr 676. Occupation: 1909 Work at D.I.C. (Age 14) (see note 5) Occupation: Motor Driver Died: 26-Dec-1981 in Burwood Hospital, Christchurch, CBY, NZ. Buried: in Canterbury Crematorium, Linwood, Chch, CBY, NZ. Immigrated: 01-Jul-1919 in Ship: "PRINZESSIN", London to Auckland, Wellington, Lyttelton Wife: Bethia MORTON b. 30-Dec-1894 d. 4-Oct-1981 Married: 20-Nov-1918 in 369 Leith Walk, South Leith, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT.
+ M Child 2: Ernest (Arthur) PYCROFT died at age: 72 Born: 3-Mar-1898 in Christchurch, CBY, NZ. Education: 04-May-1903 - 17-Jul-1903 School; Christchurch East. Reg Nr 2464. (see note 6) Resided: 04-May-1903 in 28 Travers Road. Education: 1903 - 1907 School; Phillipstown. Education: 08-Jul-1907 - 21-Dec-1911 School; Christchurch East. Reg Nr 1111. (see note 7) Resided: 08-Jul-1907 in 50 Mathesons Road. Occupation: Blacksmith. Occupation: 19-Jun-1946 - 21-Aug-1952 PW Labourer (Trams) with Canterbury Transport Board. Died: 16-Jun-1970 in Christchurch, CBY, NZ. Buried: 1970 in Canterbury Crematorium, Linwood, Chch, CBY, NZ. Wife: Fanny Morton McCLURE b. 22-Oct-1903 d. 2-Oct-1972 Married: 12-Jan-1923 in Home of Joseph McCLURE, Leeston, CBY, NZ Resided (family): 1924 - 1933 in Sedgemere, MCY, NZ. Resided (family): 1934 - 1937 in High Street, Leeston, CBY, NZ. (see note 8) Resided (family): 1938 - 1942 in FORDS, Little Rakaia, CBY, NZ. (see note 9) Resided (family): 1943 - 1945 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. Resided (family): 1946 - 1953 in 7 Port Hills Road, Chch, CBY, NZ. Resided (family): 1954 - 1969 in 116 Huxley Street, Chch, CBY, NZ.
F Child 3: Mavis Eleanor PYCROFT died at age: 96 Born: 22-Oct-1910 in Christchurch, CBY, NZ. Occupation: Ballet Teacher Resided: - 2002 in Flat 5, 93 Elizabeth St., Ashburton, CBY, NZ. Resided: - 2007 in Cameron Courts, Home & Villas, 57 Grigg Street, Ashburton, CBY, NZ. Died: 30-Jul-2007 in Ashburton, CBY, NZ. Buried: 01-Aug-2007 in New Lawn, Ashburton Cemetery, Ashburton, MCY, NZ. Husband: Hilmer James CHRISTIANSEN b. 18-May-1907 d. 4-Apr-1983 Other name: CHRISTIANSEN Married: 15-Jan-1932 in NZ. Fo 00373. Husband: Joseph Cyril HANDS b. 05-Jul-1903 d. 24-Mar-1967 Married: 1951 in NZ.
Sources: (1) General Register Office, England, Certified Copy of an Entry of Birth (GROE / 1877). Birt - 1877/285. Cert from GROE., Registration District = Portsea Island 1877 Birth in the Sub-District of Kingston in the County of Southampton 28th January 1877, 5 Lansdown Terrace, Portsea. Edward Ernest, Male. Father, James PYCROFT, Bricklayer. Mother, Rebecca PYCROFT, formerly CATE Rebecca {X} Pycroft, Mother, 5 Lansdown Terrace, Portsea. Reg;'d on 5th March, 1877. William HATCH / Registrar. Obtained by Mick RICHARDSON. £6.00. Birth record:- 1877. Entry #285. Cert from GROE. 3/4/98. Appli. G005482/c. Document BXBY 388996. GROE 1877/285 [CiH] (2) Passenger Lists - Waitangi, Waitangi - IM-CH4/166. (3) Waitangi "JUBILEE REUNION - 1878 - 1928" (ANDREWS, BATTY, PRINT, CH.CH /1928), Waitangi "JUBILEE REUNION 1928" (4) New Zealand Society of Genealogists, NZSG Index V5.0 (NZSG / 2008), NZSG Index v5. School Records (APW) (5) Barry PYCROFT, Personal Knowledge, 1987. (6) Marriage Register (NZRGO / 1896), Marriage record:- 1896 #2855 [CiH][TiH] Event Notes Note (1) Oil Painting, Sailing ship “WAITANGI” Waimate Museum Bill & Margaret MEDLICOTT Hook, RD 8. 03-689-5814 2003. Jan 2017. MEDLICOTT Chris & Shelley 112 Hook School Rd Hook Waimate 7978 03-689-5814 --==-- Note (2) Last School = East Chch Infants. Destination = Work. (Age 15) Note (3) See Birth 3386 Note (4) Last School = WELLINGTON. Note (5) DIC = Drapery Importing Company. Note (6) Last School = St Marys. Destination School = Phillipstown. Name simply as Arthur. (No "Edward"). Note (7) Last School = Phillipstown. Destination = Home. Name simply as Arthur. (No "Edward"). Note (8) See pic of green house ... Note (9) -ResF.en- Bruce & Ray FORD, butchers shop, Leeston. Fereday Island, just up from Little Rakaia. Location Notes [L-1] My Great Granfather Edward built his place. See land ownership. Name Index