Husband: Joseph Miller McCLURE died at age: 84 Ancestors Born: 24-Jul-1869 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. 1,2 Died: 12-Jan-1954 in Taurangi Home, Ashburton, CBY, NZ. 3 Buried: 14-Jan-1954 in Ellesmere Cem., Leeston, CBY, NZ. 4 (see note 1) Occupation: General Labourer Father: James McCLURE (1836 - 1908) Mother: Elizabeth HAYES (1837 - 1910) Notes Media file: D:\BK7Data\AllData\Media\MCCLURE1.CSV Media desc: Ellesmere cemetery
Wife: Sarah CARR died at age: 78 Ancestors Married: 7-Apr-1898 in Registrar's Office, Christchurch, CBY, NZ. 5,6 Born: 27-Jul-1876 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. 7,1,2 Education: bef 20-Sep-1884 Doyleston, CBY, NZ. 8 Education: aft 20-Sep-1884 Leeston, CBY, NZ. 1 Died: 2-Aug-1954 in Christchurch Hospital, Christchurch, CBY, NZ. 9 Buried: 4-Aug-1954 in Ellesmere Cem., Leeston, CBY, NZ. 10,1 (see note 2) Father: Joseph CARR (1831 - 1894) Mother: Agnes MORTON (1842 - 1914) Notes
M Child 1: Joseph John McCLURE age: 118 Born: 07-Jul-1899 in Canterbury, CBY, NZ Wife: Ruby Ethel May CHURCH Married: 1933 in NZ.
M Child 2: Jack McCLURE age: 116 Born: 14-Jul-1900 in Canterbury, CBY, NZ Occupation: Butcher Died: in of blood poisoning
F Child 3: Edith Jane McCLURE died at age: 77 Born: 20-Apr-1901 Education: 10-Apr-1908 - 13-May-1908 Reg Nr 857, Doyleston School.. To Leeston. (see note 3) Education: 01-Feb-1909 Reg nr 1680, Leeston School. (see note 4) Died: 12-Apr-1979 Buried: 15-Apr-1979 in Ellesmere Cem., Leeston, CBY, NZ. Husband: Charles Henry (Harry) Cornelius JOHNSON b. 10-Sep-1891 d. 09-Aug-1974 Married: 25-Feb-1920 in Folio 333.
+ F Child 4: Fanny Morton McCLURE died at age: 68 Born: 22-Oct-1903 in Christchurch, CBY, NZ. Baptized: 8-Feb-1905 in Leeston Methodist, CBY, NZ. Education: Leeston School Died: 2-Oct-1972 in Christchurch, CBY, NZ. Husband: Ernest (Arthur) PYCROFT b. 3-Mar-1898 d. 16-Jun-1970 Married: 12-Jan-1923 in Home of Joseph McCLURE, Leeston, CBY, NZ Resided (family): 1924 - 1933 in Sedgemere, MCY, NZ. Resided (family): 1934 - 1937 in High Street, Leeston, CBY, NZ. (see note 5) Resided (family): 1938 - 1942 in FORDS, Little Rakaia, CBY, NZ. (see note 6) Resided (family): 1943 - 1945 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. Resided (family): 1946 - 1953 in 7 Port Hills Road, Chch, CBY, NZ. Resided (family): 1954 - 1969 in 116 Huxley Street, Chch, CBY, NZ.
M Child 5: Duncan Wilford McCLURE age: 111 Born: 03-Mar-1906 in Canterbury, CBY, NZ Wife: Mona Margaret BROE Married: 1927 in NZ.
M Child 6: Eric James McCLURE age: 108 Born: 31-Aug-1908 in Canterbury, CBY, NZ Wife: Acquinas Doreen O'GRADY Married: 1930 in NZ.
F Child 7: Freda Eileen (Eadie) McCLURE age: 106 Born: 29-Mar-1911 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. Baptized: 18-Apr-1911 in Leeston Methodist, CBY, NZ. Emigrated: in Sydney, NSW, AUS. Husband: John Talbot LILL Married: 1931 in NZ.
F Child 8: Esther Annie McCLURE age: 103 Born: 25-Jan-1914 in Canterbury, CBY, NZ Baptized: 10-Feb-1915 in Leeston Methodist, CBY, NZ. Husband: Lester Thollar BURNETT Married: 1933 in NZ.
F Child 9: Gladys May McCLURE died at age: 69 Born: 28-May-1917 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. Baptized: 16-Mar-1918 in Leeston Methodist, CBY, NZ. Census: 1938 in ER:- 11192,Leeston, Married Census: 1946 in ER:- 9628, 114 Carlyle Street, Married Census: 1949 in ER:- 10057, 114 Carlyle Street, Married Died: 21-Jun-1986 in NZ. Husband: Michael John HOLMES b. 1912 d. 18-Mar-1939 Married: 08-Aug-1936 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. Husband: David George POOLE b. 26-Feb-1906 d. 01-Jun-1976 Married: 1942 in NZ. Husband: John James Alexander ADAMS b. 1908 d. 11-Sep-1981
F Child 10: Gwenneth Annaleah (Cara) McCLURE died at age: 56 Born: 25-Jan-1921 in Canterbury, CBY, NZ Died: 1978 in NZ. Buried: 1978 in NZ. Husband: William Robert Adrian (Bob) COOKE Married: 1942 in NZ.
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