Husband: Alexander REID Born: 06-Aug-1833 in Peterhead, ABD, SCT. 1 Baptized: 18-Aug-1833 in Peterhead, ABD, SCT. 2 Resided: 1860 in 13 Marischal Street, Peterhead, ABD, SCT. 3 Immigrated: 21-Aug-1860 in Ship: "WILLIAM MILES", Lyttelton < Bristol 4 (see note 1) Emigrated: Sept-1860 in Ship: "WILLIAM MILES", Lyttelton to Scotland. Immigrated: Dec-1862 in Ship: "MERMAID" to Lyttelton. Occupation: Mariner (Sumner & Lyttelton Pilot) 5 (see note 2) Resided: 1869 - 1886 in 265/7 Voleas Road, Lyttelton, CBY, NZ. 6 Resided: 1886 in 30 Voleas Road, Dampiers Bay, Lyttelton, CBY, NZ. Died: 7-May-1886 in Lyttelton, CBY, NZ. 7 Buried: 9-May-1886 in St Saviours, West Lyttelton, CBY, NZ. 8 Cause of death: 1886 Cancer, 6 months. See Obit. Census: 1841 in Queen Street, Peterhead, ABD, SCT. 9 Father: William REID (1805 - 1846) Mother: Annie SCOTT (1807 - 1884) Other spouse 1 Notes Media file: D:\BK7Data\AllData\Media\REID-Alex_Life-Mates-Cert.pdf Media desc: Life with 2nd Mate mariner certification.
Wife: Alice BENNETT died at age: 72 Married: 14-Jun-1884 in St Michaels Church, Christchurch, CBY, NZ. 10 Resided (family): 1886 in 30 Voleas Road, Dampiers Bay, Lyttelton, CBY, NZ. Born: 5-May-1848 in Westminster, LDN, ENG. 11 Census: 1893 in Womens Electoral Roll, NZ. Resided: 1891 in Hastings, HBY, NZ 12 Occupation: 1893 Nurse Died: 14-Jun-1920 in Hastings, HBY, NZ 12 Father: Charles BENNETT Mother: Charlotte RICE Notes
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