Husband: James McCLURE died at age: 72 Born: c1836 in Killinchy, DOW, IRL. Christened: 04-Jul-1837 in Presbyterian, Killinchy, Co Down, IRL. 1 Immigrated: 8-Oct-1861 in Ship: "ROYAL STUART" to Lyttelton. 2,3 Occupation: Ploughman / Labourer Died: 29-Nov-1908 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. 4 Will signed: 1910 in Chch. ?, CBY., N.Z. (see note 1) Father: David McCLURE (1815 - ) Mother: Eliza STOTT (1815 - ) Notes
Wife: Elizabeth HAYES died at age: 73 Married: 28-Nov-1857 in 1st Presbyterian Ch. Killinchy, DOW, NIR 5 (see note 2) Born: c1837 in Killinchy, DOW, IRL. 6 Died: 20-Jan-1910 in Christchurch, CBY, NZ. 7 Buried: 22-Jan-1910 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. Immigrated: 8-Oct-1861 in Ship: "ROYAL STUART" to Lyttelton. Father: Thomas HAYES Mother: Mary HAYES
M Child 1: James McCLURE Born: ??-Mar-1861 in Killinchy, DOW, IRL. Immigrated: 8-Oct-1861 in Ship: "ROYAL STUART" to Lyttelton. Occupation: Fireman, Chch Council. Notes
+ M Child 2: Joseph Miller McCLURE died at age: 84 Born: 24-Jul-1869 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. Died: 12-Jan-1954 in Taurangi Home, Ashburton, CBY, NZ. Buried: 14-Jan-1954 in Ellesmere Cem., Leeston, CBY, NZ. (see note 3) Occupation: General Labourer Wife: Sarah CARR b. 27-Jul-1876 d. 2-Aug-1954 Married: 7-Apr-1898 in Registrar's Office, Christchurch, CBY, NZ.
M Child 3: George McCLURE
M Child 4: Robert McCLURE
M Child 5: David McCLURE Born: 01-Sep-1864 in L.Ellesmere, CBY, NZ. Occupation: Labourer, Leeston. Resided: 1893 in Brookside, CBY, NZ. Wife: Susan Emily Willian SYMONDS b. 22-Jul-1873 Other name: SIMMONS (see note 4) Married: 21-Apr-1893 in House of James McCLURE, Leeston, Ellesmere, CBY, NZ.
M Child 6: William McCLURE
M Child 7: Hans McCLURE died at age: 37 Born: 25-May-1872 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. Died: b1910 Will signed: b1910 in Will - CH6976/1910 - of James McCLURE. Wife: Sylvia Florence HILL
M Child 8: Hamilton Hogg McCLURE Born: 5-Mar-1874 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. Occupation: Labourer, Chch. Wife: Clara Louisa PIPER Married: 29-Dec-1897 in Christchurch, CBY, NZ.
M Child 9: Henry McCLURE Born: 17-Mar-1876 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. Occupation: Painter, Leeston. Notes
F Child 10: Mary McCLURE died at age: 32 Born: 10-Nov-1877 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. Died: b1910 Husband: James PAGE Married: 1898 in Leeston, CBY, NZ.
F Child 11: Sarah McCLURE died at age: 41 Born: 29-Oct-1879 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. Died: 27-Jul-1921 in Christchurch, CBY, NZ. Husband: John HINES Married: cir 1893 in Christchurch, CBY, NZ. Resided (family): aft 1893 in Ruru Ruru, WLD, NZ.
F Child 12: Margaret McCLURE Born: 6-Nov-1881 in Leeston, CBY, NZ. Occupation: Domestic Servant, Chch. Notes
Sources: (1) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, International Genealogical Index, Chri - 1837 C700301. (2) Shipping Index at Christchurch Museum. Pass List in Hand. (3) Belinda JONES, McCLURE (Ellesmere Historical Society / 2005), Leeston History Society. (4) Will - CH6976/1910 - of James McCLURE. (5) Marr Register of 1st Presbyterian Ch. Killinchy, Co. Down, N. Ire. 9/83/1857/4, See File. Copy (in hand) is handwritten by archivist of G.R O. Dublin in Jan 1973. Alan GLASSON. (6) See Marr Cert. (7) Death Reg 1910#10377, Will - CH6976/1910 - Of James McCLURE. Event Notes Note (1) -w.en- Will - CH6976/1910 - of James McCLURE. Note (2) 24-02-16 ANCESTRY.com. Name: James Mcclure David Mc Clure David Mc Clure Gender: Male Male Male Marital Status: Single Marriage Date: 28 Nov 1857 6 Nov 1832 8 Sep 1814 Marriage Place: Killinchy, Down, Ireland Presbyterian,Killinchy,Down,Ireland Presbyterian,K illinchy,Down,Ireland Father: David Mcclure Spouse: Elizabeth Hayes Jane Craig Mary Thomson FHL Film Number: 101385 824373 824373 Reference ID: 730 Note (3) -bu.en- Burried Ellesmere Cemetery, Block5, No 1283. Parents: James McCLURE & Elizabeth HAYNES. Husband of Sarah, nee CARR. {Note trancript error HAYNES - shoulde be HAYES.} Note (4) The Family Name changed from SIMMONS to SYMONDS at Susan's marriage. {BEP}. Name Index