The descendants of
William HAYNES (m.1848) Jane THOMPSON
who have DNA tested.

This is an image I created to show the lineages of those of the HAYNES family who have taken DNA tests.
These are matches to Barry E. PYCROFT, and are commonly 3rd cousins.
See here for the convict story Mr. & Mrs. HAYNES
and Barry's Ancestral connection. My Ancestors with William HAYNES family in Hobart.

The image was created in LucidChart, an online charting application.
The data was produced as report outputs from my BROTHERS KEEPER database program.
Lineage reports of thirteen (13) testers' relationships to William HAYNES, are text lists then processed in MS-Excel.

The DNA matches are revealed in DNA test analyses of, FTDNA, MyHeritage, GENi, and for those who to extend their opportunities, GedMatch.

A number of matches have been analysed to have William HAYNES (& Jane) as a common ancestor of mine. There are 13 as of April 2020.

The DNA values of the 13 testers are the key to this chart. Analysis of the DNA values determines the cousin relationship. This can suggest also the generation level and whether predominantly a Female lineage or Male, and whether half-relationships are involved. That is NOT specifically shown here.

The DIRECT connection to William & Jane ARE however valid. The Trees presented by the DNA testers on these sites have made their ancestry known, to various extents; with few or many ancestors. This has been considered sufficient evidence that the DNA match is valid.

Those reports are then processed to show dependencies (Child or Parent relationship of each member), then to remove duplications. Additional information, such as DNA cM values are added to the sheet. This, saved as a CSV file, is then imported to LucidChart to create the chart basics, the organisation connections. From there colours and styles are applied to enhance the visuals.

After exporting as a JPG file, this then has the txt added, and the result you see here..
Please enjoy and if you download this image, please contact me.

OH, should you see something wrong or incorrect please advise me of correction information. I do not like to present erroneous information.

HAYNES_Desc7_Tested - OrgChart_pt.jpg