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Dawn Louice NEILSON
Born 1950 Darfield, CBY, NZ.
Marr 1972 St Andrews, NZ.
Born 1920 Kaiapoi, CBY, NZ.
Died 2009 Christchurch, NZ.
David Allen NEILSON
Born 1909 Wyndham, SLD, NZ.
Marr 1945 Whitecliffs, CBY, NZ.
Died 2002 Christchurch, NZ.
Flora Isobel Alice DEANS
Born 1887 Mt Pleasant, NZ.
Died 1965 Gore Hospital, NZ.
Charles Frederick NEILSON
Born 1884 Longbush, NZ.
Marr 1905 Home of Bride, NZ.
Died 1964 Gore Hospital, NZ.
Johanne Ulrikka OLESEN
Born 1846 Denmark.
Died 1884 SLD, NZ.

Born 1846 Kalmar, Sweden.
Marr 1883 Knox Church, NZ.
Died 1918 Palmerston North, NZ.

Lucy Jane EVANS
Born 1891 Swannanoa, NCY, NZ.
Died 1961 24 St Andrews, NZ.
John William KENNEDY
Born 1888 Christchurch, CBY, NZ.
Marr 1911 EVANS home, Sewell, NZ
Died 1963 Nelson, NLN, NZ.
Mary (Anne) McCOOK
Born 1849 ANT, IRL.
Died 1908 Christchurch, CBY, NZ.

John Anthony KENNEDY
Born 1850 ANT, IRL.
Marr 1873 Ballymoney Reg, IRL.
Died 1918 Christchurch, NZ.

Born 1851 Riccarton, NZ.
Died 1894 Waimate, SCY, NZ.

George DEANS
Born 1856 BEW, SCT.
Marr 1879 St Marys Church, NZ.
Died 1930 Neil St., Green, NZ.

Frances Fanny STEVENSON
Born 1864 Akaroa, CBY, NZ.
Died 1918 Kaiapoi, CBY, NZ.

James Edward EVANS
Born 1860 Fernside, NZ.
Marr 1886 St Mary's, ENG.
Died 1941 Christchurch, NZ.

Ancestor chart of: Dawn Louice NEILSON

My ""Mothers"" ...
Dawn NEILSON > Pearl KENNEDY > Lucy Jane EVANS > Frances Fanny STEVENSON > Sarah Anne PAWSON > Mary Ann LAWSON > Mary HOLDER

My ""Fathers""...
Dawn NEILSON > D. NEILSON > C. NEILSON > C. NILSON > Someplace in Kalmar, SWEDEN.