Dawn Louice NEILSON (1950 - )

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These pages describe many of the individuals and families I have in my Brothers Keeper database.
Essentially they are the families of my forebears.
The details of those living less than the age 100 years are NOT Included here. For those of you who desire have living cousin information should contact me in good faith with Family History intent.

Family Tree DNA {FTDNA}
My Kit number is 554093

atDNA = Autosomal DNA
mtDNA = Mitochondrial DNA Full Sequence
My group = U5a1i1 = West & North Europe
Please contact me here, with Comments & ideas, good & better, corrections & updates.

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E Mail: barry @ pycroft.co.nz  . . NZSG 8530.

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My ged File is 2841402
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